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Wedding Veils

The Complete Wedding Veil Guide: How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Veil?

Now you found the perfect dress but stuck with so many selections of wedding veils. “Which one should I pick”? There are so many things to consider when choosing the right wedding veil to complete your bridal look. This complete guide answer everything you need in choosing the perfect wedding veil. We will give you the step by step guide and after reading this you will be confident in your choice of wedding veil.

But before anything else, we have listed below the different types of wedding veils for you to be familiarize

   Birdcage - A short style that delicately covers and frames the face and is most often seen in a wide net.  An adorably vintage style it can also be worn to the back of the head. If your gown has a higher neckline this can work well. The birdcage wedding veil is about 4-9 inches.

  Blusher - The short tier covering the face for the walk down the aisle. If you are planning to wear a veil over your face, this shorter veil is the piece that the groom typically turns back over the headpiece when he kisses the bride. This work well if you have detail on the bodice of your dress you’d like to showcase. Typically, the blusher length is 30 inches.

  Elbow - An easy, wearable length. It just falls just over the shoulders, providing a bit of coverage, usually measures 30-34 inches.

  Fingertip - Just as it sounds, reaches the fingertips. This is probably the most popular veil length that suits almost any dress shape as well as it also works great with ball gowns. Length size is 38-42 inches.

  Floor Length - A floor length veil should match the length of the front of you dress. Because of its length it can change the look of the body’s silhouette. This is usually 65 inches long.

  Chapel - A formal style that extends to the floor. It falls two and half yards from the headpiece. About 90 inches for this veil.

   Mantilla- A Spanish-inspired lace veil that’s worn without a headpiece; it’s draped right over the head with a pretty lace border around the face. Measures 46 inches long by 72 inches wide and trimmed with 2 yards of lace.

   Cathedral - One of the most formal veils available, it falls three and a half yards from the headpiece. A cathedral length veil extends beyond the length of a train behind you and gives a very formal and dramatic appearance. This is usually 108 inches long.

Now that you have familiarize yourself with the types and description of each wedding veil, you are now ready to take the steps in choosing the correct wedding veil. If you are already at the stage of looking for a wedding veil, it would be fitting to assume that you already have a dress or at least have decided on the style of the dress. Even with that in mind, we have listed below the ultimate guide in choosing the right and perfect wedding veils.


What is your wedding theme? Have you decided or still in the process of choosing? The styling of your dress would normally compliment the theme of your wedding. has written a very comprehensive list of the wedding themes for every bridal style. If you are in the early stage of researching for the wedding themes, this article is very informative. As soon as you have decided on your theme, the wedding dress style that you will choose should complement your theme. Then the styling of your wedding dress, the type of the wedding veil will be easier to identify. 


What is a Glam Team?  These are the people that you choose to give you a great advice on your styling, wedding dress selection, hair and make-up choice. These will be comprised of your hair and make-up artist, wedding dress designer, your bridesmaid if you trust their taste and judgment. Your Glam Team has one vision: To bring out the most beautiful you on your big day. You can start choosing your glam team very early on your wedding preparation specially for the hair stylist who may start looking after your hair one year out for it to grow healthy and beautifully in time for your big day. Collaborating with your hairstylist on your wedding hairdo that will suit your face will give you an idea what type of wedding veil is also suitable.


Understanding the best silhouette of wedding dress that fits your body type is very important. The basic rule is the dress should complement and enhance your body shape and never overpower you. Whatever size and shape you may be, there will be one or two silhouette that will look good on you.  The best way to know is to try them on and get some advice from the experts.

Now that you have decided on the dress style and silhouette, you are now ready to choose the style of the wedding veil.

We made the summary easier for you to use a guide below. We have listed below all the wedding dress silhouettes and the matching wedding veils and the suggested width

 As stated above, the simple rule to keep in mind, if you choose to wear a long veil, cathedral or chapel, the length should be longer than the train of your dress.


As soon as you start looking at wedding dresses, you will be amazed that there are several wedding dresses shades and colour. The most common is ivory, white and blush. Your wedding veil colour should simply match the colour of your wedding dress. 

5.      UNDERSTANDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS MATERIAL and EMBELLISHMENT has a very good informative article about the wedding dress fabrics. Here is the link ( for your reference.

This is a very simple guide to follow. If the material of your dress is lace, it is always safe to use a plain wedding veil. If you are choosing a mantilla veil or one that has intricate detail, your dress should be more on a plain material and not having too much embellishments. If you really like a lace wedding veil and your dress is made of lace, make sure the lace is the same. You can arrange this with your designer if you are having a custom-made dress. 


Now that you have identified what type and length and other details you want for you wedding veils, you are now ready for the most exciting part of this journey. The actual purchasing of your veil. Information are readily available online as to where to buy them. If your dress is custom made, your designer can make a custom made one as well. In saying that, there are very good online wedding shop specializing on wedding veils and accessories, like Saint Claremont , Sydney’s fastest growing bridal online shop with an exceptional personalised service. Please check it out.

One important thing to keep in mind, ordering your wedding veil online may take some time especially if it is made-to-order so you need to plan ahead to avoid the worry of not receiving it in time for your big day!