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Wedding Hair Accessories

Your wedding is going to be the most memorable night of your life. It’s only natural you are working hard to make it as unforgettable and perfect as you possibly can. But it’s often the tiniest of things that we miss and overlook. Yes, we are talking about accessories.

You may have zeroed-in on the best dress for yourself with the most beautiful veil you could find, and a jewellery set to match. But your bridal ensemblewill still be lacking without a complementary hairpiece. A beautiful hairpiece, shining brightly on the top of the bride’s head, adds to her look. Not wearing one makes for a rather incomplete appearance for the most important day of her life.

The glittering finish to the fairy look

After you’ve decided on your dream dress and veil, spare a little time to pick a hairpiece to go with your bridal attire. It will add the needed finishing touch and light up your appearance in the best of ways. Be it a tiny one for show, or an elaborate and large one to style up the hair, a handpicked hairpiece can only add to the bride’s beauty.

One piece for all your needs

Do you know what’s better than hairpieces that only add a glamorous touch? Hairpieces that hold your hair. How about doing away with sticking unnecessary bobby pins in your hair and loosening up? Strong and just as beautiful hairpieces from Saint Claremont will help you achieve a stylish look all while not looking like you have a porcupine sitting atop your head.

Have fun with the veil

Saint Claremont’s hair accessories come in all shapes and sizes. You can pick your piece depending on the veil of your choice and how you wish to wear it. A long-comb hairpiece will look the best when the veil is worn from the hair down. While a sturdy hair clip works the best with a veil covering the head. No matter which combination you choose, the hairpiece is sure to add a welcome glitz to the traditional veil.

Why stop at one?

No one says that you can’t have more than one hairpiece to glam up your dream look. Feel free to add two tiny ones for a funky look, or pair an elaborate hairpiece with a minimalistic one to tame your wild hair. Clips shining through the fabric of the veil look just as heavenly. It’s all about what you want when it comes to your special look on your special day.

So, don’t hold back, seize the moment and choose the best for you. We invite you to take a glance around our selection of wedding dresses, veils and accessories to help you find your perfect wedding day look. Enjoy the special event of your life looking every bit the princess you are!