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Wedding Dress

Top 10 Tips In Buying Your Dream Wedding Dress

A wedding is without no doubt one of the most magical day a woman can experience. Some have dreamed of this one special day since they were little. An occasion where they get to be the most beautiful woman and have their loved ones witness that beautiful ceremony as she exchanges vows with her future husband. Arguably, one of the highlights when preparing for the wedding is choosing the wedding dress. To some, this process can go smoothly and to others this can be stressful and challenging (Bridezilla normally comes out here too!!). To help you in choosing the right dress, here are 10 tips that you should consider when buying a wedding dress!

Set A Budget

Some people spend years saving up just to make this one day in their life perfect. Knowing the price range of the wedding dress that you’re going pick is a wise decision rather than making impulsive ones. 

Start Early

You must manage your time well as finding a wedding dress isn't the only thing on your plate. You must start early especially if you are requesting for a custom-made dress. It’ll usually take about four to eight months for a dress to be made depending on the design you asked for. The more intricate it gets, the more time it requires. Starting early also gives you more time to think and revaluate about the decisions you are to make.

Decide on a Theme and Venue

Deciding on theme and selection of the theme go together. Make sure that the choice of your dress will match the general theme of the wedding as well as the venue or location of the ceremony and reception. 

Ask Professionals for Advice

Whenever you attend a fitting, there will always be a bridal consultant there. Do not hesitate to ask questions and even for suggestions so that you will expand your choices. Sticking to your own opinions about these like this might not do you good. The professionals always know best and they will put their creativity in line with what you want.

Speak Their Language

There are plenty of terms that you will encounter when choosing the perfect wedding dress. Knowing the fabrics, types of cut, silhouette, necklines and such are very important, so you’ll have a deeper understanding of the art of making wedding dresses. Doing the research and browsing online for information normally helps you with this.

Less is More

This is probably one of the oldest terms in the book. It’s good to have an idea of what you want your wedding dress to look like. Some prefer it to be extravagant and full of details while some just want it to be simple. You can always find beauty in the simplest things and this includes wedding dresses.  

Take Photos

This is a handy tip when shopping for your dress. Some bridal salons do allow photography while some don't and all you’re left with is a mirror. A mirror is simply a reflection of yourself while a photograph gives you a sense of how others will see you in your wedding dress. You can always go back these photos and simply pick out which your heart desires the most.

Find your Silhouette

A silhouette is the overall shape of the garment. You’d want to know which parts to show and which not to. The dress should enhance and compliment your shape. You should wear the dress and not let the dress wear you.

Keep A Positive & Open Mind

As much as we want this day to be perfect, there will always be challenges we need to face. You’ve got to have a positive and open mind during this entire process. Take your time and try to relax so that you wouldn’t be all stressed out about decision making and other stuffs. After all, a bride needs her beauty rest.

There is this magical moment where you know that’s the dress you want to wear when you walk down the aisle. It somehow speaks to you and feels like faith and destiny intertwined when you catch a glimpse of yourself in that dream wedding dress. This is when you know, this is it.

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