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Waltz Wedding Veils

Amidst all the enchanting excitement you feel at the prospect of getting married to the man (or woman!) of your dreams, the wedding preparations can also feel a bit too much. One special day and one special look to get right - it’s insane! So, while you rummage around for the best dresses and accessories for your princess look, we offer to help you with the most important article of your wedding ensemble - the veil.

A wedding veil holds immense value in a bride’s ensemble. Symbolic of her purity and the life-long commitment she swears to her groom, it is important to choose the right veil. And the choice of your veil lies in your desires for your special day. If you’re looking for something that is traditional and elegant, yet doesn’t feel binding, you’re looking for a Waltz Wedding Veil.

As the name might suggest, the Waltz veil is for the brides who wish to move around and dance the night away, but do not wish to sacrifice their sacred veil while doing so. At about 60 inches long from the headpiece, it falls at around the calf or ankles. This veil is one for the traditional look without leaving a train in its wake.

Show it off all night long

Longer veils that leave a train on the floor are usually removed after the wedding vows are exchanged, so the bride can mingle around at the reception. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to keep your complete look all through the evening. And why shouldn’t you? It’s your day!

Waltz veil is the perfect option for girls who wish to flaunt their veil but also want it to be traditional enough. We get it! The heart wants what it wants.

Ballet Veil for the Ballet girls

It’s the most important day of your life and you’d naturally want to dance all night long with your family, friends and of course, the one. Also called the Ballet Veil, the Waltz veil gives you all the freedom to walk around and mingle with your folks all while keeping your Princess look intact. How great is that!

Get your best gowns out

Some gowns just don’t go with longer veils when it comes to the design and patterns; some might get their length shunned because of the veil covering them. But what if one such gown is the dream dress you had had your eyes upon for the longest time?

Here’s the fun part - you don’t need to sacrifice it away for a customary veil. It doesn’t matter how long or short your dress is, or if it is a body-hugging one. The Waltz veil will gel right in the look in the best of ways.

So, get your favourite gown out. Match it up with the perfect veil. Add in a crown to look every bit the princess you are going to be. And indulge in our beautiful selection of wedding apparel and accessories to ace that look!