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Fingertip Wedding Veils

The wedding preparations are on. You are on Cloud Nine. You are ecstatically running around to get every little detail correct. And why shouldn’t you, it’s your special day! The desire to sport an unforgettable wedding day look is, indeed, natural. You may have an idea of the kind of dress and look you want, but have you stopped to consider the most important aspect of all wedding apparel and accessories - your veil?

A wedding veil holds immense cultural significance with its relation to the purity of the bride. You would want to choose nothing but the best for you. What are you looking for? Is it one that is easy to carry, stylish and traditional enough? Then you may have found your match in the Fingertip Wedding Veil.

As the name suggests, the Fingertip length veil falls to the fingertips on the bride, just below the hips. At about 38 to 42 inches long, it is undoubtedly the most sought-after style of the veil. No surprises there, as its amazing combination of style, comfort and stylishness makes it a favourite among the brides-to-be.

Grace with a modern touch

A veil needs to be long enough to honour the traditional setting. Even better if you don’t have to take it off right after the vows are exchanged. And what’s better than being able to move freely and dance with your family and friends while wearing it. The Fingertip veil is that fusion of comfort and style that you’re looking for. Its balance between the elegant appearance of traditional gowns with contemporary fashion is what sets it apart.

Perfection on its own

With heavy gowns and a coy gait to perfect, adding a delicate veil to the mix makes it harder to carry your bridal ensemble. The Fingertip veil works more as an independent piece of the accessory than a complementary one. It allows the gown to flow on its own. By not leaving a train in its wake, it keeps things simple for you.

For the gowns so majestic

By being an independent part of the attire, the Fingertip veil doesn’t come between your wedding dress and the one from your dreams. Heavy embroidery at the hem, dramatic and flowy train at the end, or a simple netted gown for simplicity - you name it and the Fingertip veil will only enhance its look with its perfect length. Moreover, you can balance out the design of the gown with the veil. Like a simple gown might get a good match with a heavily laced veil and a dramatic gown will work best with a see-through veil.

Saint Claremont offers you an exclusive selection of wedding apparel and accessories to help you choose the best for you. A veil to go the with the wedding dress of your dreams, jewellery just as beautiful and all things bridal. Come and explore to find your dream look waiting for you.