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Chapel Wedding Veils

Nervous about getting the dream look right for your wedding day? Clamoring around for the perfect match of clothes but not sure what will work and what will not?

Worry not, just sit back and relax. We understand how overwhelming wedding preparations can be - especially where the look of the bride-to-be is concerned.

With Saint Claremont, matching the wedding dress of your dreams with a veil just as perfect is now easier than ever before. We offer an exclusive range of wedding veils to help you choose right. And your desire for a show-stopper appearance with a long veil without the hassle of carrying it may just be answered by a Chapel wedding veil.

A Chapel Wedding veil is meant for the formal style of wedding. Significantly shorter than the Cathedral Veil, it falls two and a half yards from the headpiece at 90 inches long. If you’re torn between wanting a regal look and a minimalistic appearance, the Chapel veil is the one for you.

The perfect blend of elegance and style

The veil is the most symbolic article of the wedding attire - attached to the purity of the bride. With wedding veils ranging from face-covering to lawn-sweeping in lengths, it is understandable to be confused about what works for you. The Chapel veil is a perfect balance. It gives you the elegant and traditional look all while keeping it chic and stylish.

Go dramatic without the drama

You don't get married every and it's natural that you would want to look your absolute best the day your wedding bells chime. But you also wouldn’t want to go bankrupt just for your wedding attire. In a tough spot? We have your back. The chapel veil - extending about 6 to 12 inches beyond the dress - creates that perfect majestic look without being a hassle to walk in. It will sweep the floor (and the groom off it) just like the Cathedral veil.

One veil for all dresses

Longer gowns leave a shorter train for the veil, shorter gowns will leave you with the illusion of a longer train in their wake. The placement of the headpiece also determines the final length. It's all about what you want. With a Chapel veil, you don’t need to fret over these dilemmas. If you’re still unsure about the length of your gown, then the Chapel veil might just be the answer to your prayers.

Have you decided your dream look? Is it going to be a netted veil of simplicity or a laced one for an exuberant feel? Why not consider adding a complimentary hair piece to jazz it up as well? Saint Claremont hopes to make your bridal shopping a smooth sailing experience. Take a glance around our range of wedding veils and take your best pick.