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Cathedral Wedding Veils

You feel like you’re on cloud nine - you’re about to get married! Your days are spent preparing your dream wedding and making yourself the Princess Bride for your Prince Charming. So, as you pick out the perfect wedding dress and the perfect Cinderella shoes for your attire, we would like to draw your attention to the most important article of your ensemble - the veil.

With the immense significance it holds among the wedding customs, you would want nothing but the most perfect wedding veil to match the dress of your dreams. And if you wish for a dramatic and larger than life look for your big day, Cathedral Veil is the one for you.

A Cathedral wedding veil is one for the formal occasions. The longest of all, it is perfect for making a grand entry as its 108 inches trail well behind the dress. It falls three and a half yards from the headpiece and its interesting lace designs and patterns make for a true showstopper look for the bride!

Feel like a princess? Look like one too!

The bride has ought to be the most beautiful person in a wedding. The cathedral veil guarantees you that head turner look you wish for. It will make you look like a Princess from another era - a look so set apart from the mediocrity of today. And why shouldn’t you relish the look of a Princess when you feel like one too.

Feel the purity of love

The symbolism behind the tradition of wedding veils lies in the sanctity of marriage. The veil symbolizes the purity of the bride, vowing her love and life to the man of her dreams. The cathedral veil is perfect for the tender moment with its inherent traditional design.

Match with a regal gown for a regal look

A cathedral or semi-cathedral length wedding gown will work the best with a cathedral veil and give you the beautiful regal look. A flowy gown that trails a little behind will match the length of the veil amazingly. Top it all off with a matching hairpiece to complete the look. Look no further than our amazing collection to pick one for yourself.

Leave everyone dazzled in your wake

A long aisle to be walked down by the bride absolutely calls for a cathedral length veil. Make a dramatic, diva-like appearance to your wedding and walk ahead with a magical train in your wake.

There are so many ways to pair up a cathedral veil with the wedding dress to create the best look for yourself. Covering the face will give you that coy feel, while hanging it from the hair down makes for a more modern style. Let us help you get the unique look you deserve for your special day. Choose your special veil from Saint Claremont’s exclusive collection of wedding veils and ace that princess look.